Friday, February 22, 2008

My Life's Not That Hard

I am watching Oprah today and was introduced to a family named Gosselin. I had never heard of them before but they have their own show on some network. And listening to them talk - my life ain't that bad.
I have days when my only two children are driving me up the wall. Especially on snow days. Its too cold to go outside and play. As the day progresses on it evolves into shouts of "I'm not your friend" or "you're a meany". I'm ready to just let them have at it and see who kills each other first.
But I am ssssooooooo glad I am not Kate Gosselin. She and her husband are raising 8 (yes I said eight) small children. They have twins that are 7 years old and sextuplets that are 3. Talk about trying your patience (and sanity).
I can be thankful for the trials I endure x2 and NOT x8.

Cute pics of our 6 yr old.