Saturday, August 20, 2011

Haylie's Half

So Haylie, having a February birthday has never been able to do something outdoors for her birthday. She has always wanted a swim party. So this year we bagged a friend party in Feb and just went to Shogun as a family. So the year progresses and we still are aiming for a swim party. Well, August rolls around and she is now 9 1/2 and she decides she wants a party at this place. We could have done this indoor party during her actual birthday! Everyone had fun though. She had a couple of girls from church and then a bunch from school. We even ran into her 4th grade teacher on the way in! They got to play all over for an hour then it was pizza, root beer, cake and ice cream.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day!

Haylie started 4th Grade on 8/15/11 and Savannah in 7th Grade 8/16/11. Have a great year ladies!

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Because the girls had so much fun at the fair before the Nauvoo Pageant, they REALLY wanted some stilts. So a trip to Home Depot, $120, and 4 hours later this is the result....

They are really good at walking on them.
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Marceline, MO

If any of you are Disney fans like our family is, then you should know about this place. This was Walt Disney's boyhood home. On every trip to Nauvoo we have to stop on our way home. The "dreaming tree" and barn are on private property but they still allow visitors. You can sign your name with a sharpie inside the barn. We couldn't remember where we did a couple of years ago so we did it again and took a picture this time. Nice, quiet, little place.

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Nauvoo 2011

We decided since it had been a few years that we needed to take another drive to here. We were worried about the weather because our July had been so hot. But it really wasn't too bad. When the sun went down it had cooled off and made for an enjoyable pageant. We also drove out to Carthage to see the jail. We love eating at this place. It is YUMMY! I got our room down the street so the girls were close enough. Mike and I were FINALLY able to go to a temple session together! Very convenient having a live-in sitter these days. We took our normal route home to experience my next post.

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