Thursday, January 29, 2009


I haven't said much about Lacie our little Yorkie. She is such a joy to our family. She is now 20 weeks old and weighs 2.75 lbs.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Show Me The Money

I LOVE tax season. I LOVE doing our taxes. I LOVE filling out the forms and watching our return grow. Got them done this morning. I do have to admit that I got onto TurboTax from the recommendation from my sister. It is SO SLICK. All I do is fill in the answer to the question and BOOM its completed. The $29.95 they charge every year is well worth getting our money back in 8 days instead of several weeks. Granted its just our money anyway that the government has had use of over the last 12 months without paying us interest, but just the same its fun knowing we're getting our money back instead of having to pay them extra at this time. And as much as we like to eat out I don't think we'd be as disciplined in putting the money away if we changed our exemptions anyway. Here's to the green!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Old McDonald Had a Farm

We haven't said much but we bought into a cow. This came about a few months ago. Someone in our ward approached us about buying into a cow and splitting the meat. We thought this would be a good way to fill up the rest of our freezer in the garage so we got into it with 3 other families. So this gives us 1/4 of the bovine. We get to pick up all this meat on Feb 7 and it comes out to $2.03 per pound. Can't get that good of a deal at Wal-Mart!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Deal of the Day

Everyone knows I love a good deal. Hence the reason I only shop at my WalMart Supercenter. WalMart will match any ad from any store. So why waste the extra time and gas driving from store to store to take advantage of their deals. Just take the ad to WalMart and they'll match it. So, my deal for the day was this. I needed some more cans of soup for our food storage. I bought 4 cans of Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup and 4 cans of Tomato. WalMart's regular price was $0.58 per can. Our local Price Chopper had them on for $0.49 per can. PLUS I had a coupon from the Sunday paper that saved $0.40 on 4. In the end, each can was really just $0.39! Now, one can will feed one of my girls. Add a glass of milk and a orange and I've spent maybe $1 per lunch. Too bad you can't get that at McD's.

Best Time EVER!

Now that the new year is here we finally have the 11:00 block for church. Yeah! In 2008 we had the 9:00 and I hate that - especially trying to get us all out the door. Prior to that, because the ward we were in and then our move to the new ward we had the 1:00 timeframe for about 3 years and I HATE that. Nothing like feeling the day is wasted. You sleep in, have brunch, get ready, go to church, eat dinner then its time for bed. We'll see what happens this summer. Our new Stake House which is literally 2 minutes from our home is supposed to be done in July. At that point both our Stake and the Olathe Stake boundaries will be re-alligned. We're crossing our fingers that we keep the 11:00.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


It has finally arrived. After 20 days - yes 20 days (including weekends), school has started again. I do love my girls, I really do; but this last week they were really getting on my nerves. Granted, summer time is a lot easier to deal with as they mostly play outside all day with friends or we're at the pool or doing some activity. But being winter and too cold to play outside, they were going stir crazy along with me. So joy of joys, on the bus they got at 7:30 and I am back to peace and quiet for the next 8 1/2 hours.