Thursday, January 8, 2009

Best Time EVER!

Now that the new year is here we finally have the 11:00 block for church. Yeah! In 2008 we had the 9:00 and I hate that - especially trying to get us all out the door. Prior to that, because the ward we were in and then our move to the new ward we had the 1:00 timeframe for about 3 years and I HATE that. Nothing like feeling the day is wasted. You sleep in, have brunch, get ready, go to church, eat dinner then its time for bed. We'll see what happens this summer. Our new Stake House which is literally 2 minutes from our home is supposed to be done in July. At that point both our Stake and the Olathe Stake boundaries will be re-alligned. We're crossing our fingers that we keep the 11:00.

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Jill said...

I like 9:00 because we were home by noon, but I hardly ever made it there on time. Watch for us, becuase with the new time let's hope we can make it on time.