Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Show Me The Money

I LOVE tax season. I LOVE doing our taxes. I LOVE filling out the forms and watching our return grow. Got them done this morning. I do have to admit that I got onto TurboTax from the recommendation from my sister. It is SO SLICK. All I do is fill in the answer to the question and BOOM its completed. The $29.95 they charge every year is well worth getting our money back in 8 days instead of several weeks. Granted its just our money anyway that the government has had use of over the last 12 months without paying us interest, but just the same its fun knowing we're getting our money back instead of having to pay them extra at this time. And as much as we like to eat out I don't think we'd be as disciplined in putting the money away if we changed our exemptions anyway. Here's to the green!

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Rachel said...

I totally agree. I *enjoy* doing our taxes. I think it appeals to the left side of my brain or something. Jonas says I'm the CFO of the family.