Sunday, June 19, 2011

Black Bob Bay

Savannah wanted to have another swim party for her birthday this year so we tried Black Bob Bay. She invited 12 of her friends with a mix from both church and school. We picked up a platter of Jimmy Johns sandwiches, had some chips and drinks, rented a shade shelter for 3 hours and let the girls have at it. The weather was perfect after a major thunderstorm the night before and one came through again at midnight after the party. I am mostly looking forward to having her as our built-in babysitter now! Woo hoo!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Drill Teamp Camp 2011

We had to trade vacation weeks in order for Savannah to attend mandatory drill camp. However, she still has 3 practices that she will miss while we are gone. She had a great time. They learned 6 dances in 3 days and she says her legs hurt. REALLY? One of our local Hy-Vee grocery stores catered their lunches everyday and there was also a BBQ/Pool Party for the girls and their families. Nineteen girls made it onto the team for the upcoming year. I think she is going to TOTALLY enjoy 7th Grade!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Girls Camp 2011

Two days after Savannah's birthday she was able to go to girls camp. She complained all year how she didn't want to go. She is having a blast! This year they chose Camp Bob White at Knob Noster State Park. I had to drive a to and from camp (twice) so she could attend drill team practice and pick up her uniforms so it made for a long day. She says they've jumped in the swimming pool with their clothes on, stayed up late, got up for optional exercise and having a ball. She missed out on rapelling but the hike was Wednesday. I knew she would like it as much as I did at Oakcrest.

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Savannah Turns 12

Twelve years ago Savannah joined our family. Each of us gets to pick where we want to go for our birthday dinner. Savannah chose Cheesecake Factory. This is the look of pure joy. She finally got her cell phone. However, this also comes with some serious restrictions. We weren't quite ready to go home after dinner so we headed to Incred-a-bowl. They have bowling, laser tag, mini putt putt and this thing called The Vault. Her big friend party will be at a local water park later this month.

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Go Royals!

Our first game of the season. Lost to the Twins 5-2. Bummer. However, it was Buck Night and Fireworks Friday. Hot dogs, peanuts, and Pepsi are all $1. Think Mike and I will head for another game later in the year and get better seats. Hy-Vee seats were just $8.50 that night. Talk about a "cheap date". :-)

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Joplin MO #2 (Monday)

On our way back to Kansas City we wanted to drive through Joplin again to see if we could get any closer to the damage. I think because it was a holiday we were actually able to get on 20th Street and follow the path of the tornado from St John's Regional Medical Center East to the area where it disintegrated. The local Stake Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was across the street from the high school, but we couldn't even tell what building it was.

Pictures explain more than I could ever say........
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The Crescent Hotel

Sunday night I needed a break from the kids. My MIL stayed with the girls at the pool while Mike and I did the Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour. Anyone that knows me, knows I LOVE the paranormal. I like ghost stories, paranormal movies, I watch Ghost Hunters religiously.

TAPS actually did an episode at this hotel and it was AMAZING! I really didn't think I would see anything, but the hotel was really neat none-the-less.
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Historic Eureka Springs (Sunday)

After a leisurely breakfast we walked around Eureka Springs. TONS of little shops and eateries! Was able to leave the truck at the hotel and take the city trolley around. That was pretty convenient. We stayed in a 3 bedroom "apartment" type place. Full kitchen and living room, 2 bathrooms and a pool view. Was right across the street from a fun little ice cream parlour and right next door to Pizza Hut. Though most of the time we ate at places we didn't have in Kansas City.

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Eureka Springs, AR (Saturday)

After the museum we drove on in to Eureka Springs. The main reason for this trip was to share with my husband and girls The Great Passion Play. I remember seeing it A LONG time ago when I was 12 with my Grammy and two Great Aunts. It is a play that tells the story of the the last week in Christ's life.

We couldn't have asked for better weather. It was cool and breezy. This statue of Christ (Christ of the Ozarks) was built in 1966. It is 65.5 feet tall and can be seen for miles. In comparison The Great Sphinx of Giza is 66 feet. The ampitheatre seats 4100 people for this annual play. A piece of the original Berlin Wall has also been donated to the area.
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Bentonville, AR (Friday)

Later that evening we arrived for an overnight stay in Bentonville, AR. I have always wanted to see the WalMart Museum there. I bought a cute little tree ornament that is the Walton's 5-10 building. Within the museum they had reconstructed his office as it was the day he passed away. Across the street was an awesome town square. A water fountain graced the center and their weekly Farmers Market was going on. People were wandering around, walking their dogs, buying produce and other items. It was great! If I didn't have two girls to keep entertained by zoos, neighborhood pools, amusement parks, etc I would not mind living in a small town.

Bentonville is very close to Rogers, AR where we had dinner at some restaurant I can't remember the name of. But you can understand why we absolutely HAD to get our picture taken in front of the city sign.
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Joplin #1

We were headed down for Arkansas for the Memorial Day weekend and decided to drive through Joplin, MO to see the damage the EF5 tornado caused on May 22. It was surreal. We were only able to drive north on Hwy 71 Business (also known as Ridgeview). And these were the pictures we were able to capture. Notice how the Sutherlands sign is wrapped around the pole?

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KC Zoo and Tornado

Well, these are the only pictures we got of the zoo on Wednesday May 25th. We got to the zoo about 10:00a and were only there a good hour or so and then the tornado sirens went off. Now usually we don't go to our basement unless I actually see something out our window (which I never have in the 8 years we've lived here). Knock on wood. But as we were at the zoo; all the employees are sent around gathering everyone up to the basements and thats where we spent a good hour with all the people. Not fun. When the warning was lifted it was blue skies and gorgeous but we decided to head for lunch and home. We'll try it again this summer.

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