Thursday, January 8, 2009

Deal of the Day

Everyone knows I love a good deal. Hence the reason I only shop at my WalMart Supercenter. WalMart will match any ad from any store. So why waste the extra time and gas driving from store to store to take advantage of their deals. Just take the ad to WalMart and they'll match it. So, my deal for the day was this. I needed some more cans of soup for our food storage. I bought 4 cans of Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup and 4 cans of Tomato. WalMart's regular price was $0.58 per can. Our local Price Chopper had them on for $0.49 per can. PLUS I had a coupon from the Sunday paper that saved $0.40 on 4. In the end, each can was really just $0.39! Now, one can will feed one of my girls. Add a glass of milk and a orange and I've spent maybe $1 per lunch. Too bad you can't get that at McD's.

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Shannon and Brad said...

Wow, good job Ann! I love deals like that.