Saturday, February 7, 2009

5:00 AM and the ER

Today started out with a bang. First of all Haylie was sent home from school Wednesday afternoon for a fever. Nurse said if it was gone by Noon the next day she could return. So I took her back Thursday afternoon. She then proceeded to attend her friends birthday overnighter at Great Wolf Lodge and played in the water that night and most of Friday morning. She played outside yesterday as it was 65 degrees. But last night she was complaining that her ear was hurting. Of course I gave her Tylenol at 10p and she was up again this morning at 2:00. Gave her the Ibuprofen. She was up again at 5:00 just crying because her ear hurt. So off we go to the ER which thankfully because of the new Shawnee Mission Hospital built by our home, is right across the street. We were the only ones there and got right in to find out she has the dreaded EAR INFECTION. Back home by 6am and I'm in the shower so I can be at the pharmacy when they open at 8:00. Guess we'll see about church tomorrow.

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Shannon and Brad said...

I was in the ER just this morning with Bronson. He had an ear infection and his drum what about to burst!! Not fun.