Monday, May 18, 2009

Our New Building

We have had to drive 15 minutes to church for the last several years. However, our new building will be done in the next little while and supposedly by July we'll be in it. They tweaked the ward boundaries yesterday and everyone is to go to their designated ward. Once we are ok to get into the new building our ward will now meet at 11:30. Which is great with me AND it will only take us 2 minutes to get there! Yee-Haw.


Jill said...

I'm so excited about the new building and having it right up the street. It will be so nice. Just noticed your Disneyland countdown. How Fun!!! Have a wonderful time on your cruise. I hope that it turns out great even though it's different than the original plans.

(MamaNurse) said...

Hey there,

How are things going? How was your trip? I use a photo progream called Picasa 3, you can download it for free on the web. Just use your search engine to find it. It has a collage option and that's how I do the pictures. There are also other photo programs that offer a collage option too. I like it much better because it takes up less room. Keep me posted and let me know how it works for you.