Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Day of School

It seems only a short while ago that the girls were out of school even though it has been 13 weeks. And what a summer it has been. A cruise, two weeks in Utah, swim lessons. But alas it is back-to-school today. Savannah is in the 5th grade and has Mrs. Olberding as her teacher. This will be her last year in elementary school. Sixth grade is moving up to Jr High next year. Haylie is in the 2nd grade and Mrs. Griffen is her teacher. Me, I look forward to a little peace and quiet for a time, being able to grocery shop without someone bugging me to buy them something and getting back to the fitness center. They will be missed during the day but I will be anxious to hear about their days in school and seeing what they are accomplishing.

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Shannon and Brad said...

The girls look so ready to start school. They are adorable in their matching outfits. Can't believe how much they have grown since we last saw them. I bet you're so excited for a little alone time. How nice!
p.s. love that title picture. I got my countdown to disney from your blog. It will be the first time to disneyland for the whole family. We are leaving Gavin here though. Can't wait!!