Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wichita or Bust

In the past 6 years we have lived in Kansas I have wanted to go to Wichita. Wichita is the largest city in Kansas with a population of 580,000 people. Mike signed up for a continuing education seminar through work so we were reimbursed for our hotel and gas. Pretty sweet. We left on Friday morning after taking Lacie to the kennel. She was so excited when she thought she was going with us. Mike always says how much he misses the mountains of Utah but I happen to think the Flint Hills are just as pretty; especially in the summer when it is all so green. THIS is Gods Country untouched by urbanization. The Museum of World Treasures was real interesting. The had an actual piece of the Berlin Wall on display. You are actually looking at the side that faced West Berlin.

The next day was my 43rd birthday. Yeah! We went to the Sedgwick County Zoo. According to the visitors and convention bureau this is the 16th largest zoo in the country.
They also have Exploration Place. This was pretty cool. Savannah was able to surround herself in a bubble. Haylie liked playing the vet. They also had an expansive minature set up of historical buildings and places in Kansas.
Lots of good places to eat. We ate at Genghis Khan (however BD's Mongolian BBQ is MUCH better). Jimmy Johns is always a favorite. Logan's Roadhouse was 2nd choice after Texas Roadhouse after we found out there was an hour wait time. And this place: Spangles. Typical diner reminicent of the 50's. I thought it was pretty good.
All in all I had a very good birthday trip with my family.
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Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, Ann! Glad you had a fun trip. You guys always do the funnest stuff.

PS There is a Spangles in Lawrence! Any trips to Free State lately for Mike's Harvest Ham sandwich?