Monday, January 11, 2010

A Dream Come True

I know it is way early to blog about something like this, but I am so excited. I am finally going to be able to be at Disneyland during the holidays when they have all their Christmas decorations up. We always go in Sept because there are no crowds. However, we have done the Halloween thing once and the park is spectacularly decorated, but I've always heard that with their Christmas decorations its just all the more magical. So in deciding what we're going to do with my husbands 7 weeks of vacation this year we decided going during Thanksgiving would work. Disney has their holiday decor up from the 2nd Saturday in November until the 1st Sunday in January. So not only going during Thanksgiving week we get to experience the magic but the girls would only miss 2 days of school as opposed to 5. What a bonus. So let the countdown begin! --->>>>>


Sants said...

We went a few years ago the week before Thanksgiving. The Christmas stuff was AMAZING. The crowds were non-existent. We walked up to nearly every ride. The day before Thanksgiving things got a little more crazy, but over all, I give that time of year TWO ENTHUSIASTIC THUMBS UP! I am super excited for you!


A couple of years ago we went the week before Thanksgiving and then last year we went the first week of Christmas. I love the decorations and the lights are so fun to see. You will love it. Just don't go the week before Christmas. We had friends go that week and they said that it was so busy one of the days they were at capacity and had to close the entrance! Not fun.