Saturday, June 12, 2010

Two More Days to Go.....

Because we liked Madagascar so much we wanted to go see what the Central Park Zoo was all about. The only animals from the movie that they have are the lemurs and penguins. However, the polar bear was pretty amazing. VERY small zoo. It was SO hot that day. We decided to walk back to our condo since it was only 6 blocks and had lunch at a little deli call Delissimo. I decided on a huge fruit bowl....nice and cold. Saw the new Shrek 3 movie at the theatre also across the street from condo. Pretty unusual going UP five flights of escalators to the theatre. Hit the local Jamba Juice and Johnny Rockets.

Thursday was our last day out. We slept in, had lunch at the Ritz Diner and again our flight was late out of Newark due to weather. We would have missed our connecting flight in Detroit so it was either stay one more night in NJ (get a rope) or stay in Detroit. We opted for NJ. Unfortunately since it was due to weather and not the airlines asking for volunteers to give up their seats the hotel stay was out of our pocket. Even though I wanted to rack up some airline credits for an extra night I was REALLY glad to get home.
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