Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Festivities

What an awesome holiday weekend! From my previous post Mike and I went to the Royals game Friday night. Saturday was a day of football. USU vs Auburn 42-38 but it was a GREAT game. BYU vs Ol' Miss hanging on by a thread 14-13. Sunday was church and Savannah had her friend Heather sleep over. Also had a spontaneous block party that night. Can anyone say hot dog? I bet we had about 50 people show up. This does not however take the place of our annual Halloween Block Party so stay tuned for more pictures later. Monday morning our ward had a 5K run and pancake breakfast. Mike's friend Ryan from grad school was actually out in the area on vacation from Utah and decided to run it with him. Mike came in #4 out of all 50 entries. Later that night we had our good friends the Whites over for a BBQ and back yard games. Just total loads of fun this weekend!

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Shannon said...

Oh I love reading about some good old Kansas City family fun!