Monday, September 15, 2008

20 Tagged

I was reading my friend Shannon's blog and she had been tagged by one of her friends. I thought it was a great tag idea and Shannon if you don't mind I'm going to post mine.

20 Years Ago: I was 21 and living in Logan, UT going to Utah State University. GO AGGIES! Having fun with my roomies and working at Skippers.
10 Years Ago: Mike and I got married in the Salt Lake Temple. We had bought our first home in West Valley City. I was working for GE Capital Financial and if I remember right Mike was just finishing up nursing school and working for Discover Card before going to LDS Hospital.
5 Years Ago: We moved to Lenexa, KS so Mike could go to KUMC for graduate school. Savannah was 4 and Haylie was 1. We found a little 2 bedroom apartment. I just totally loved this area and did not want to ever go back to UT.
3 Years Ago: Mike graduated with his Masters Degree this year. He signed on with Overland Park Medical Center which was just down the street from our apartment. I was still the stay-home-mom and Savannah was in 1st grade. I was babysitting a little girl for xtra "fun money".
1 Year Ago: We had been in our new home for a full year. We had it built in 2006. We are still residents of Lenexa and love it all. I was one of the Achievement Day leaders for the 8&9 year old girls in our ward. 
1 Month Ago: We were getting ready for school to start. Savannah is in the 4th grade and Haylie is in 1st grade. 
1 Week Ago: Just left for a fabulous week in Orlando, FL. My mom came with us. We went to Sea World, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM), The Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. I was actually ready to come home by Friday. :-)
Now I tag all my blogger friends. Tara, Rachel, Daisie, this means you.

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