Monday, September 15, 2008


Move over Hanna and Ike. We forged ahead with our plans to Orlando in between two hurricanes. My mom joined us this time as she had never done the disney trip with us before. We had a lot of fun. We thought for sure going in Sept that the weather would be cooler but we suffered through temperatures of 92 and humidity worse than Kansas! There weren't too many people so we were able to walk right onto rides. I think the longest wait we had was on a Saturday and waited 30 minutes for something. I can't believe people actually go in the middle of summer with hoards of people and higher temperatures!
We did the whole thing. The Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios (formerly known as MGM), Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Epcot, and Sea World.
I do have to admit that I much prefer Disneyland over Walt Disney World. Sorry FL!


Shannon and Brad said...

So fun, can't wait til we go!

swampbaby said...

Wow! I always say that y'all know how to party. I have to read your blog so I know about any cool things to do around here ;-) Looks like you've had some fun trips!

Jill said...


Come On!!! I Love Disney World. You need to travel there with me. I'll make you love it!!!!