Thursday, June 4, 2009

Seattle, WA

This is my kind of city. We'd live here but for the status of the housing market which is out of control. Pike Place Market is THE place to see. I was hoping since it was a weekday that it wouldn't be so crowded. It was until the people off the ship disbursed to various places. You can get whatever you need in this place. They sell fish, meat, art, toys, flowers, fruit. Just a plethora of things. If you need it, most likely you can get it. Notice there is not a price listed on the HUGE lobster tails. Down the row we found out they are $40 per pound. The pic of the girls is on the Harbour Steps. This is a beautiful place of stairs (if stairs can be considered beautiful), with fountains, eateries, and places to sit and enjoy. They go from the waterfront, clear up to 2nd St. Always a great pic of Mt Ranier. As much as I love Seattle, I would hate to be there when that thing decides to blow. Everyone thought St Helen's was bad. Ranier is going to decimate the Seattle area.

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