Friday, June 19, 2009

Three Days, Three Trips, Three Prescriptions

They say things happen in threes so I should be good for a while. I made my normal trip to the pharmacy Wednesday afternoon for our normal ongoing prescriptions. That same day Haylie came down with a raging ear infection. So off to the ER we went that evening. When Mike got home I headed to the pharmacy again for her Tylenol w/ codeine, Amoxicillan, and ear drops. We came home today from Great Wolf Lodge and low and behold Haylie had caught pink eye! So again to the doctor for a look over. Trip number three to the pharmacy for her eye drops. I've got so many meds going on right now that I've got a chart on our kitchen counter so I make sure she gets the right Rx in the right dosage the correct number of times a day. I hope I'm done!

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Shannon and Brad said...

Oh yuck! Hope she is all better.