Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Joys of Being a Girl

You know I have never agreed with moms piercing their babies ears. I think that is cruel and unusual punishment. Granted, they will never even remember the trauma they went through, but all they know is that someone is causing them severe pain and mom is allowing it to happen. I on the other hand had to wait until I was 12 to do it. We changed the rules a bit in our home. Figured if at 8 they were old enough to be baptized then they were old enough to make that decision to get pierced ears or not. Savannah was absolutely thrilled when she got it done. As you can see though, Haylie was a totally different story. Oh there were tears!! I don't think it helped that we had to wait behind 3 other women and there was only one employee in the store at the time AND only one piercing gun was working so it took twice as long. By the time it was her turn she was just a basket case. However, after the initial trauma was over she was all smiles and she came home with 38 pairs of earrings (and NOT clip ons).

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Jill said...

Always love ear piercing stories and pics! Such drama!

Rachel said...

Glad to see she finally earned the right to get her ears pierced!