Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sometimes You Win.....

And sometimes you lose. Got the babysitter last night so we could enjoy another Royals Game. It was Buck Night which means that hot dogs, small drinks, peanuts, and twinkies are all just $1. It was also Fireworks Friday when they do an awesome fireworks show after the game. And it was 50/50 night. The KC Royals raise money for a particular charity and patrons can buy a raffle ticket for $1. They sell them up until the 5th inning. At the 8th inning they put the winning number up on the jumbo tron. The charity gets half the money collected and the winning individual gets the other half. They were raising money for the Kansa City School for the Deaf. Last night someone took home $4900. It is always fun to have a national team in our city even if we do lose the game.

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Sants said...

We love live baseball, although we've only lived in towns with minor leagues. And college games - those are great fun, too! That money will do a lot of good for the deaf community.