Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Ellers' in Kansas City ( and an awesome story to boot)

OK. I need to fill you in on the background how this day came to be. Two years ago we took a trip to UT for Haylie's baptism. We decided to attend church with my sister in Eagle Mountain. It happened to be the missionary farewell of a young man in her ward named Ryan Ellers. He stood up to the podium and said that he was called to the Independence MO mission. I turned to my sister and said he's going to end up in our ward! Fast forward a couple of months and low and behold Elder Ellers comes to church. I introduced myself, told him that Jessica was my niece that he has grown up with and that we had attended his missionary farewell just as a fluke. He was so new and out of his element he didn't have much to say. I had signed up to feed the Elders a couple of times but unfortunately he was never one of the ones that came over. However, our good friends the Whites had invited us to dinner at their home with the missionaries and he was there so I took a picture and FB'd it to his mom. Now his mom, Kristy Ellers and I have been chatting back and forth these past two years and she has also been my sisters' Visiting Teaching companion for about 9 years. What a small world it is in the church. So now we are at the end of his two year service and their family is coming out here to pick him up. We opened our home to them and they stayed overnight with us for one night. We met them for lunch at Oklahoma Joes (our favorite bbq). Brought them back to our home to get settled and then we all went to the Royals/Indians game Saturday night. They came to church with us on Sunday so he was able to see some people he knew in the ward. They stayed with some friends in St Jo that night and flew back home on Tuesday.

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