Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break Day 1 (Thursday)

Today started our 2012 Spring Break. Several months ago my sister invited Mike and I to go on a Carnival cruise down to Cabo for a week. I jumped at the chance for my vacation from being Mom! One of my SIL suggested our girls come to UT to spend the week with their cousins. We had originally thought my MIL would come here to stay with the girls.

So the four of us hopped on a plane and flew into PVU tonight. Talk about a small airport! Only Frontier Airlines flies in and out of it and you walk onto the tarmac to get on and off the plane. That brought back memories of childhood!
My MIL picked us up and we went to dinner at The Training Table. I fasted all day so I could consume all my 1400 calories all in one meal. It was SO worth it until later that night. It kind of put my body into shock. I haven't had that much fat, grease, sodium, calories all in one sitting for over a year!
Stayed the night at my mothers and then headed for SLC airport the next morning. California here we come!!

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MaryAnn said...

So glad the girls were able to come and spend some time here. My kiddos loved every second they got to spend with them. I have some cute pictures that I need to email to you.