Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break Day 7 (Wednesday)

Today was snorkeling shore excursion day. We took a boat ride out around Cabo. Did you know that this outcropping of rocks is actually the top of a mountain? There is a massive canyon underneath the harbor of Cabo San Lucas which makes these "rocks" mountain tops. I would love to just fly down here and spend a week bumming around. Had to get a picture even though we did not go to Senor Frogs. Lots of pelicans around the bay too. We had to turn at the lighthouse to go to Del Sol and Hard Rock Cafe.

When we got to our snorkeling spot, Chileno Bay I decided not to get in. They said the water was only 60*! Last October when we were here it was much warmer at 80*. So I was the picture taker. Even though we were not looking at our best I am really digging this picture of me in the swimsuit. I can't tell you the last time I saw my collar bones! And I also want this yacht called Legacy. Would really like to know who owns it. The boat had a small luncheon for us and unlimited soda and drinks. Mike had probably near 20 virgin margaritas! Too sour for me; I'll take a sweet daquiri any day.
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