Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break Day 8 (Thursday)

Today was a "cruising day". These are some random pictures of stuff we did around the ship. It may or may not have been on this particular day, but I didn't want to skip any photos. One of the lady photographers that took our formal pictures was totally ticked off at us. She had no idea about proper posing and the "do's and don'ts" of taking pictures. My sister and my big issues are gaps between people and phantom hands. You know, those pictures where your loved one has their arm around your back and all you see is their hand on your shoulder. THAT is a phantom hand and it looks REALLY STUPID. It looks like you have an appendage just growing out of your shoulder. So we finally posed ourselves the way we wanted to for the pictures to look decent. Our balcony offered quiet time for a quick nap with the complementary bathrobes (did I mention it was cold?). The indian ice carving was done in 15 minutes from a solid block of ice. And you can't miss the sunsets.

We participated in a digital scavenger hunt and got 3rd place. One of the requirements was to get a group to do the monkey "hear no evil...." thing. My sister and I particularly liked the hunky guy on the right. We played cards a lot in the game room. The water was pretty choppy at some points and I had to get a shot out the game room window of the waves coming from barreling through them. Don't know why we have a picture in the elevator.  :-)
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