Saturday, October 6, 2012

Castaway Cay and Pirate Night

Disney owns their own island called Castway Cay (pronounce key). The torquoise water is just divine. Mike and I got off the ship early to particpate in the CC 5K. This was my first 5K evah and I rocked it in 46 minutes. Just kidding; I never said I was fast. I typically do about a 13 minute mile which is fine with me. I'm not in this to break any records; just stay healthy.

Disney always does Pirate Night so I was prepared this time. Before we left home I made a Party City run and got pirate hats, bandanas, eye patches and earrings to wear. We used a little eyeliner to make scars and got a picture with my favorite pirate Capt Jack! I love the many moods of Savannah. Scowling in line but all smiles with Capt Jack.
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