Saturday, October 6, 2012

Time in Palmyra NY

For those of you that are LDS you know the significance of upstate NY to the church. Several church sites up in that area of the US include the Peter Whitmer Farm. A beautiful stake center is built on the property where the tour starts before going into the farm home. We ran into some baby raccoons that were so stinkin' cute!

Went into "downtown Palmyra" if you could define it as a downtown. The Grandon building is where the Book of Mormon was published.
Made a stop at the Palmyra Temple and the Joseph Smith Farm. Walked a little ways through the Sacred Grove and went down to the marina.
The Hill Cumorah Pageant was later that night. It was so crowded! We walked up to the top of the hill, went to the visitors center and just hung out. This was on Friday July 13 which was our last night together. What a great activity to end a great vacation.
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