Saturday, October 6, 2012

Nassau Bahamas, Random Pics Around the Ship

Took some random pics around the ship. This was our meal in Animators Palate where the colors change in the restaurant. Our loot of gifts we got on the first night in our FE. Each cabin decided which night they wanted to deliver their gifts so our fish extender was full of stuff most every night. It was such a treat for the girls to go back to the cabin to see what had been delivered. We came home with SO MANY awesome gifts. Another pic of our door and fish extender and then when we got a delivery.

Our first stop was in Nassau Bahamas. Mike and I had been there before and was able to get our hurricane glass from HRC. Rainy that day so the girls stayed on the ship and got their hair braided. Haylie went back a second time because she changed her mind and wanted more braids than just the one.
More random pics around the ship. I always like formal night! The whole family at dinner in the Enchanted Forest.
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