Saturday, October 6, 2012

Old Settlers Day

This is our second Old Settlers Day we've gone to. Like I said in our post about this last year I don't know why we hadn't been going since we moved here 9 years ago! I think it is lots of fun. They have an antique car show, a history of Olathe film, carnival, food vendors and craft vendors. Now you have to remember that this is the biggest parade in KS with over 160 entries. However it IS NOT a state parade like the Days of 47' in Utah where the whole state does participate. This is mainly participants from around the Olathe area. Most of the middle and high school cheerleaders, drill teams, and bands march, along with people and their cars, politicians, etc.

MTMS is always a sight to see. LOVE the purple, black, and white. Savannah was up front and looked gorgeous! ONW (Olathe Northwest High School) is the school the girls will be going to and they looked totally awesome too.
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