Sunday, October 21, 2012

Everyone Likes a Good Scare (everyone but Savannah that is)

We were up in the air about when we were going to go to Worlds of Fun Halloween Haunt. So when we saw that is was supposed to be 70 degrees yesterday and 42 degrees next Saturday that pretty much sealed the deal. It was a great day. A bit more crowded than last year. I suppose because there are only two more weekends left until they are closed for the season.

I had the girls break outta bed and tackle the basement mess and everything else they had been assigned to do while they have been out of school since Thursday. The reward of WoF was enough to get them going. We get here about twice a year; once with Mike's company day and then again at Halloween. I'm not so much on the rides that go upside down but I love all the Halloween decor.
At 7p is when the scary haunt starts. It all begins with the Overlord's Awakening. He rises up to call his people. This starts the parade of everyone participating as a ghost, goblin, clown, doll, or whatever. The costumes and makeup are pretty elaborate. They have 13 "haunts" you can walk through but with the girls it pretty much limits us to what they will see. We tackled London Terror (which we also did last year) and Savannah pretty much has the bejeebies scared out of her. Mostly because she wasn't paying attention to the people around her and had her earbuds in.
Guess Mike and I will have to do this on our own from here on out until they actually like haunted houses.
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