Saturday, October 6, 2012

Walt Disney World/Disney Cruise

After school got out we started to prepare for our first trip of the summer. We headed to Florida with Mike's family to spend a week in Walt Disney World and on a Disney Cruise. Now if you remember back from a previous post; we took the girls on a week long Disney cruise that about did me in. This shorter 4 day one was much more do-able. For those of you who are seasoned cruisers with Disney you know about the FEE (fish extender exchange). Its where a group of cruisers decide to participate in a little gift exchange with other cabins. I think on this one we had 13 cabins participating so we had to get gifts for all 13. This was everything put together along with all the magnetic door decorations (pic of which you will see in a later post). The girls got some of their homework done on the airplane but still took a lot out of us when we got back home. We stayed at the Disney All Star Music Resort in FL.

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